10 Cool Things Baby Boomer Grandparents Do

The Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, has always been known for its significant impact on culture and society. As grandparents, they are redefining what it means to be an elder in the family.

This article explores ten cool things Baby Boomer grandparents are doing, showcasing their unique blend of experience, wisdom, and modern flair.

10 Cool Things Baby Boomer Grandparents Do

Embracing Technology

Today’s grandparents are more tech-savvy than any generation before them. They are active on social media, use smartphones, and are fearless in trying the latest gadgets. This embrace of technology helps them stay connected with their grandchildren and current with the times.

Adventure Travel

Gone are the days when grandparents would only sit at home. Many Baby Boomer grandparents are jet-setting around the globe, often taking their grandchildren on adventurous trips. From African safaris to European river cruises, they are experiencing the world in style.

Continuing Education

Lifelong learning is a trend among these grandparents. They enroll in online courses, attend workshops, and even go back to college. Their quest for knowledge is inspiring and a great way to stay mentally sharp.

Staying Fit and Active

Baby Boomer grandparents are setting new standards in health and fitness. They participate in yoga, Pilates, marathon running, and even bodybuilding, proving that age is just a number when it comes to staying fit.


Retirement is about something other than slowing down for many in this generation. Instead, they are starting businesses, turning hobbies into income streams, and consulting based on their life-long expertise. Their entrepreneurial spirit is both a source of income and personal fulfillment.

Volunteering and Philanthropy

Many Baby Boomers invest their time and resources into causes they are passionate about. Whether it’s local community service or international aid, they are making a significant impact through their philanthropic efforts.

Arts and Culture

This generation has a deep appreciation for the arts and culture. They are frequent visitors to museums, theaters, and galleries. Many are even artists themselves, engaging in painting, writing, or music, often sharing these skills with their grandchildren.

Eco-Conscious Living

Baby Boomer grandparents are often at the forefront of sustainable living. They practice recycling organic

gardening and support eco-friendly products. By teaching their grandchildren about environmental responsibility, they pass on valuable lessons about caring for our planet.

Staying Social and Connected

Social engagement is a key aspect of Baby Boomer grandparents’ lives. They often have a busy social calendar, attending community events, hosting gatherings, and staying active in clubs or groups.

This social connectivity keeps them young at heart and allows them to impart valuable social skills to their grandchildren.

Embracing Modern Fashion

Contrary to the stereotypical image of an older adult, many Baby Boomer grandparents are fashion-forward. They keep up with current trends and are fearless in experimenting with their style. This modern approach to fashion is often a way for them to stay relevant and connected with the younger generation.


Baby Boomer grandparents are redefining the traditional roles of elders in the family. They are active, tech-savvy, culturally engaged, and socially responsible.

Their willingness to adapt and embrace new experiences keeps them young at heart and bridges the generational gap, making them cool and inspirational figures in their grandchildren’s lives.