Aldi Is Dropping July Grocery Prices By 30%

Aldi Is Dropping July Grocery Prices By 30%

Aldi customers already know that the store boasts some of the lowest prices in the supermarket game—and they’re becoming cheaper even with inflation.

As you prepare for a long holiday weekend packed with cooking, eating, and drinking, you may find yourself frowning at your grocery cost.

That’s why Aldi is here to help you save money on your Fourth of July celebration. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average consumer will pay $67.73 to organize a BBQ for 10 guests in 2023.

While this is marginally lower than last year’s figure, spending roughly $70 on our Independence Day is not something we want to do.

Fortunately for us, Aldi has guaranteed that their cookout basics are priced lower than the national average. So, instead of spending $67 at other grocery stores, you’ll pay roughly $47 at Aldi for your Fourth of July cookout.

That means Aldi will save you approximately $20 on items such as burgers, snacks, and sides.

As if saving $20 wasn’t enough, Aldi wants to put that money back into its customers’ pockets with its Cookout Kickback program.

To 1,000 customers, the company will give away gift cards loaded with $20.87—the same amount you saved by shopping at Aldi on the Fourth of July.

To enter, simply go to Aldi’s Cookout Kickback webpage and fill out a brief form with your contact information. If you are picked, you will receive an Aldi gift card to use on your next shopping trip—who wouldn’t want that?

Even if you don’t win one of the 1,000 kickback gift cards, you’ll be saving money by shopping at your local Aldi, which is always a plus in our book.