DoorDash Is Expanding Its App With New Features

DoorDash Is Expanding Its App With New Features

DoorDash announced in a recent news release that it now accepts SNAP and EBT payments. Previously, the app’s perks could only be used at Safeway, but that will soon change.

When the expansion is complete, 7-Eleven, Aldi, Albertsons, and Meijer will all accept SNAP and EBT. According to DoorDash’s v.p. of new verticals, “the rise of on-demand food delivery services has had an enormous effect on food access.”

Changes aren’t limited to consumers. Dashers now have two income streams. These food couriers can choose to earn by time or offer, which is identical to present operating methods but with more efficient recommended routes.

This is especially true for the elderly, people who live in food deserts, and people who have physical limitations that prevent them from getting around. To paraphrase the Vice President, “enabling SNAP/EBT payments can make a profound impact on decreasing food insecurity.”

Due to DoorDash’s ongoing app and website updates, this is currently only available in select locations and stores.

More than 2,200 Aldi stores in 38 states, as well as 900 Safeway stores, and 380 Albertsons stores, will stock food that may be purchased with SNAP benefits. There will be about 260 Meijer supermarkets and 130 7-Eleven convenience stores involved.

Two months of DashPass membership benefits, namely free delivery on qualified orders, will also be provided to SNAP/EBT participants.

DoorDash will soon have universal search capabilities, the company revealed in a recent press release.

You can combine this with the new multiple carts feature to simultaneously prepare numerous orders. The software will also sort items into categories like “explore,” “grocery,” and “retail” for convenient browsing and purchasing.

These alterations are not just affecting shoppers. Now, dashers can make money in two ways. Similar to the current system, but with more efficient suggested routes, these food couriers can opt to get paid by the hour or by the offer.

There will also be a commuter option that shows potential offers from Dashers in their service areas, tipping after the fact, and location sharing.