Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin

Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin

There is something unquestionably delightful about spreading homemade jam on toast or scones that have just been baked. It is an ideal breakfast or afternoon tea accompaniment due to its sweet, vivacious flavors and comforting texture. While store-bought jams are readily available, making your own strawberry marmalade from scratch provides a unique sense of accomplishment.

However, what if there is no pectin on hand? No problems! This article provides a foolproof and simple recipe for creating strawberry jam without pectin. With a few simple ingredients and a little perseverance, you can make a delicious strawberry jam that bursts with the natural flavor of ripe strawberries.

Gather some fresh strawberries, dust off your saucepan, and let’s dive into the simple strawberry jam recipe without pectin that will have you enjoying the flavor of summer all year long.

Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin

By relying on the strawberry’s natural pectin content and employing a straightforward cooking method, you will be able to create a jam that encapsulates the essence of summer in every bite. Whether you are a seasoned chef or just beginning your culinary adventure, this recipe is certain to become a kitchen staple.

Let’s know the whole Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin so that you can enjoy it too!


  • Preparation – 10-15 Mins
  • Maceration: 30 Mins
  • Cooking: 30-40 Mins
  • Chilling: 10-15 mins
  • Total: 2 Hours 10 mins


  • 2 pounds (900g) fresh strawberries
  • 2 cups (400g) granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


  • Thoroughly wash the strawberries and remove the stalks. Depending on your desired texture, wipe them dry and cut them into tiny pieces or lightly mash them with a fork.
  • In a large saucepan, combine sugar and fruit. Stir thoroughly to saturate the strawberries with sugar evenly. Allow the mixture to settle down for 30 minutes to allow the strawberry juices to release.
  • On the stovetop, heat the saucepan over medium heat. Stir the lemon juice into the mixture.
  • Stir the mixture occasionally to prevent adhering and burning as you bring it to a simmer. As the strawberries simmer, they will disintegrate and soften. Using a spoon or a potato processor, mash any large strawberry chunks.
  • Continue simmering the mixture for 30 to 40 minutes or until it has the consistency of marmalade. Stir frequently to avoid scorching the food.
  • To determine whether the jam is finished, you can conduct a “wrinkle test.” Place a small spoonful of the heated jam on a chilled plate. Wait a few seconds for it to settle, and then press the jam with your finger. If it creases and retains its form, it is ready. If it is still too fluid, continue cooking for a few minutes and test again.
  • When the jam has attained the desired consistency, remove it from the heat & allow it to cool down.
  • Transfer the jam to sterilized jars, leaving a headspace of about 14 inches at the top. Wipe the edges of the jars clean, then screw on and secure the lids.
  • Permit the vessels to cool fully at room temperature. When the jam cools, a popping sound indicates it is sealed properly. Place any jars that do not seal in the refrigerator and consume them first.

How to Store Leftover Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin:

Make sure the Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin has completely chilled before storing leftovers. Next, transfer the mixture to sterilized jars, leaving a headspace of 1/4 inch. Wipe the edges of the jars clean, then choose between two storage options. 

For several months of pantry storage, keep the sealed jars in a cool, dark place away from heat and light. Alternatively, the canisters may be refrigerated for several weeks. The canisters should be labeled with the contents and the date. Opened jars should be consumed within a few weeks while observing for signs of deterioration. Then, enjoy the homemade marmalade at your convenience.

Tips For Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin:

  • For the finest flavor and natural sweetness, choose ripe strawberries. Fresh, high-quality strawberries will result in a more flavorful marmalade.
  • Before beginning the recipe, the strawberries must be washed and de-stalked. Additionally, it is beneficial to measure the sugar and lemon juice in advance, as this will expedite the simmering process.
  • Depending on your inclination, you can either mash the strawberries with a fork or pulse them briefly in a food processor to create a smoother texture.
  • Letting the strawberries remain with the sugar for about 30 minutes enhances their flavor and aids in the thickening process by drawing out their natural juices.
  • Once you begin to cook the strawberry mixture, turn it often to prevent the bottom from burning. Utilize a heat-resistant spatula or utensil to scrape the pan’s bottom and sides.
  • During the cooking process, foam may form on the surface of the marmalade. To enhance the final product’s appearance, skim off any froth that develops.
  • Ensure that the jars and lids have been thoroughly cleansed and sterilized before storing the jam. This serves to preserve quality and prevent contamination.
  • Choose vessels of the appropriate size for the quantity of jam you are preparing. Allowing sufficient headspace at the top of the jars permits expansion during stowage.

Bottom Line

The process of preparing an Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin is straightforward and rewarding. Using the natural pectin content of strawberries and a few key techniques, you can create a delectable homemade jam bursting with the flavor of fresh strawberries. Remember to select ripe strawberries, macerate them with sugar, cook until the jelly thickens, and store it in sterilized jars.

We hope you like the Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin. Thank you for reading!