L.A. Residents Creep Out After Receiving Free McDonald’s French Fries

L.A. Residents Creep Out After Receiving Free McDonald’s French Fries

Residents of a Los Angeles neighborhood are caught up with receiving free UberEats deliveries from McDonald’s and other restaurants without their permission.

Reports from the Los Angeles Times and PEOPLE indicate that residents of Range View Avenue in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park are perplexed and irritated following months of sporadic UberEats deliveries.

Although orders have included everything from Starbucks iced matcha tea lattes to bottles of water, McDonald’s appears to be a preference of whoever (or whomever) is responsible for the delivery fiasco. 

The unhappy meals have ranged from sausage McGriddles to milk containers, with one neighbor receiving over 40 deliveries.

One woman received three dispatches of a single order of McDonald’s fries, despite the fact that it is typically difficult to resist Mickey D’s irresistibly tasty fries.

Residents have hypothesized everything from UberEats promotions to credit card fraud as possible culprits for the anonymous deliveries, but no leads have been found.

According to neighbors, food deliveries are difficult to digest because so much of it is wasted.

What Residents Say About It?

Another resident, who disclosed receiving 13 orders in two days, told KTLA 5 that the deliveries are “half funny and really annoying.”

Richie Kulchar, a resident who has received numerous packages, told KTLA 5 that he believes it’s low-level fraudsters attempting to test credit cards for validity.

“When you first tell people, they all say, ‘Oh, it’s a joke,” said Kelsey McManus, a Range View Avenue resident who lives near the epicenter of the ordeal. However, it appears to be much more systematic than that.

Richie Kulchar is frustrated with Uber Eats because every day, he receives “one milk in a bag.”

“I discard it, which is unfortunate because I dislike squandering unopened milk. But what will I do with it? Store it in my refrigerator? He said.

What Does Uber Eats Say?

“Reports of unsolicited orders are alarming. We have banned accounts associated with recent orders in Highland Park, and we will continue to act. “Uber has a public safety team ready to collaborate with law enforcement,” the company disclosed.

L.A Is Not The First To Have These Mysterious Deliveries

Not only Los Angeles residents are plagued by the apparition of mysterious foods. In the month of May, hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta noodles inexplicably appeared along a creek bed in a wooded area of a New Jersey town.

Community leader Nina Jochnowitz estimated in a Facebook post that more than 500 pounds of pasta had been discarded by the stream in Old Bridge.

She posted online images of the spilled pasta. The assortment of noodles included elbow macaroni and spaghetti. She then reported the incident to the municipality and described how Public Works removed the pasta from the area.

Neighbors in the Middlesex County town quickly deduced that the piles of noodles originated from a nearby home that had been placed up for sale following the demise of the owner. When the son of the homeowner was clearing out the house, he discovered a large quantity of expired groceries.

He discarded the old dried pasta in the woods, and as a result of last weekend’s heavy rainfall, the noodles became waterlogged and appeared to be cooked.