New York’s Proposed Rest Stop Restaurant Act: Ensuring Seven-Day Service at Thruway Rest Areas

New York's Proposed Rest Stop Restaurant Act: Ensuring Seven-Day Service at Thruway Rest Areas

New York State Assembly officials have introduced a significant proposal, the Rest Stop Restaurant Act, to enhance the convenience and availability of food services for travelers on the New York State Thruway.

This initiative is critical when thousands of drivers are on the road, especially during the bustling holiday season.

The Core of the Proposal

The Rest Stop Restaurant Act explicitly targets a key aspect of service availability. It mandates that all restaurants, including prominent chains like Chick-fil-A, operating at Thruway service areas must remain open seven days a week. This proposed change addresses a notable exception: Chick-fil-A’s policy of closing on Sundays.

Impact on Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A, widely recognized for its policy of not operating on Sundays, is central to this legislative initiative. The bill, if passed, would require the fast-food giant to revise its longstanding tradition to comply with the new state mandate.

The Rationale Behind the Act

Assemblyman Tony Simone, one of the bill’s sponsors, emphasizes the importance of this act for New York travelers. With Sundays being among the busiest travel days, ensuring that all restaurants are open is crucial for public convenience.

Simone highlights the need for consistent service availability, especially during high-traffic periods like holidays.

Next Steps and Legislative Process

The bill’s success now hinges on garnering enough support among lawmakers. The next step involves recruiting co-sponsors to secure its passage during the current legislative session in Albany.

This process will determine whether the bill becomes law, transforming the operational dynamics at Thruway service areas.


The Rest Stop Restaurant Act represents a significant shift in policy aimed at enhancing the travel experience in New York. By requiring all Thruway service area restaurants to operate seven days a week, the bill seeks to provide travelers uninterrupted access to food services, marking a notable change in the state’s approach to highway amenities.