Subway Sandwiches, From Pretty Good to Incredible

Subway Sandwiches, From Pretty Good to Incredible

Where do you go when you need a quick, healthy meal? For millions of Americans, Subway is the answer.

The chain serves excellent subs on 6-inch or foot-long buns. Not all people are created equal. Some sandwiches are outstanding, but others contain the necessary elements.

We have our own points of view. However, we’re ranking the top ten Subway signature sandwiches based on their ingredients, messiness, nutrition, and flavor.

List of subway sandwiches, from pretty good to incredible.

1. Spicy Italian


Pepperoni, Genoa salami, cheese, and your choice of vegetables.

Because it lacks ham, the Spicy Italian is superior to the Italian B.M.T. Without the extra meat; this baby may be customized with spicy salami and pepperoni.

This sammy isn’t the healthiest, but the biggest disadvantage is inhaling it too quickly. This will be a 12-inch sub, so it will never end.

2. Italian B.M.T.


Pepperoni, cheese, Genoa salami, Black Forest ham and your choice of vegetables.

This Subway sandwich is a fan favorite due to the saltiness of the cold cuts. Add tomato, lettuce, pepper, onion, banana peppers, and olives to really throw this sandwich into high gear.

Then drizzle with olive oil, vinegar, oregano, salt, and pepper. It’s perfect for lunch. Consume it for breakfast. Serve it with dinner. Have enough for all three. You will not be let down.

3. The Monster


Steak, bacon, double Monterey cheddar, green peppers, and red onions

The Monster, like the Outlaw, is a Subway spin on the cheesesteak. Aside from the delicious steak, the sandwich also includes crispy bacon and Monterey cheddar. For an extra kick, it’s topped with peppercorn ranch.  

We wouldn’t call it a monster in size, but it’s definitely a sub to get if you’re hungry.

4. The Outlaw


Double Pepper Jack cheese, steak, green peppers, and Baja Chipotle sauce

Subway now offers a genuine Philly cheesesteak sandwich. But let’s be real. You’d be better off visiting to other specialty businesses or sub-shops if you wanted a true Philly.

That being said, the new Outlaw sandwich is delicious when you’re craving a cheesesteak. We like how the Baja Chipotle salsa complements the Pepper Jack cheese. 

5. Mexico-Cali


Juicy rotisserie-style chicken, mashed avocado, and double Pepper Jack cheese

If you haven’t eaten at Subway in a while, try their MexiCali sandwich. Double Pepper Jack cheese and smokey Baja Chipotle sauce combine to create a taste fusion. The avocado goes well with the delicate chicken. 

For the best version of this sandwich, use excellent Italian bread. The bread’s extra texture and softness match the contents wonderfully.

6. The Magnificent Garlic


Rotisserie-style chicken, bacon, provolone, lettuce, red onion, and tomatoes baked on artisan Italian bread, topped with new creamy roasted garlic aioli

This sandwich is perfect for garlic fans. The chicken and bacon combine to provide the perfect salty combination, which is greatly accentuated by the garlic aioli. 

7. The Boss


Juicy meatballs in marinara sauce, BelGioioso fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, topped with parmesan and served toasted on Italian herbs and cheese bread.

The Boss, like the Turkey Cali Club, is a new addition to the family that serves as an upgraded version of the standard Meatball Marinara sandwich. It has all of the same amazing attributes as the original, but it also has pepperoni slices and mozzarella, which makes a big difference. 

It all comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy tasty but simple flavors, go for the original; if you like complex, layered flavors, opt for the Boss.

8. Meatball Marinara


Meatballs, marinara sauce, and Parmesan cheese

While the Meatball Marinara created with genuine meat is near-perfect, as previously said, the plant-based Beyond Meat Meatball Marinara, which debuted in select retailers in September 2019, is also rather delicious.

With the new sandwich, Subway is definitely attempting to capitalize on something; when Burger King released an Impossible Whopper created with fake meat, foot traffic to its restaurants selling the burger jumped by 18.5 percent. 

9. Cali Club for Turkey


Oven-roasted turkey, BelGioioso fresh mozzarella, crisp bacon and crushed Hass avocado are among the ingredients.

Do you want a better version of both the club and the turkey breast? Choose this sub, one of Subway’s 12 new trademark sandwiches, which will be available in 2022. It elevates the turkey sandwich with crisp bacon, avocado, and mozzarella. 

We recommend toasting it and stuffing it with lots of veggies to make it even more delicious and crunchier.

10. Turkey Breast 


Premium sliced turkey breast, your choice of vegetables

Don’t be fooled by the sandwich’s simplicity. The single cold-cut element allows for extensive modification. Are you feeling fancy? Serve with avocado and cheese. Are you more of a sassy monster? Jalapeos and tomatoes give it a kick. 

Do you want to experiment with mayo, ranch, banana peppers, American cheese, and red peppers? Okay, we’ll pass judgment because that sounds horrible. But, hey, this is a free country.


Subway sandwiches have progressed from “pretty good” to genuinely wonderful. Subway has established itself as a beloved and iconic brand in the fast-food market thanks to its extensive menu options, attention to health and nutrition, and dedication to customer happiness.

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