Unwrapping the Festive Cheer with McDonald’s Holiday Pie Return

McDonald's Holiday Pie A Seasonal Delight Returns

Fast-food enthusiasts and dessert lovers have reason to rejoice as the holiday season approaches. McDonald’s, synonymous with quick and tasty meals, brings back its much-loved Holiday Pie, adding a festive touch to its menu.

This blog post delves into this seasonal treat’s history, features, and current availability, exploring why it continues to be a holiday staple for many.

A Brief History of the McDonald’s Holiday Pie

The Holiday Pie first appeared in 1999 as part of a “Toy Story 2” promotion. Initially a limited-time offering, it disappeared for a while only to make a triumphant return over a decade later. Since then, it has become a seasonal favorite among McDonald’s fans.

What Makes the Holiday Pie Special?

Unlike McDonald’s regular Baked Apple Pie, which is available all year round, the Holiday Pie is a unique concoction. It features a buttery pastry dough, generously studded with colorful rainbow sprinkles. Inside, the pie is filled with a rich, vanilla-flavored custard, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and texture.

The combination of a flaky crust, creamy filling, and cheerful sprinkles makes it a delightful treat, embodying the spirit of the holiday season.

Availability and Popularity

In 2022, anticipation for the Holiday Pie was high, following McDonald’s announcement of a 12-day partnership with Mariah Carey for the previous year’s holiday season. This pie typically becomes available in early December and stays on the menu through early January or until supplies last.

However, it’s important to note that the Holiday Pie’s availability can vary. It is not a nationwide offering but is found in select U.S. cities, including New York, New England, Illinois, Ohio, California, Texas, and Oregon.

Much like the elusive McRib, McDonald’s has not disclosed the exact locations where the Holiday Pie is available. Customers are encouraged to check the McDonald’s app or website with their zip code to see if it’s available at their local restaurant.

Mixed Reactions from the Public

The Holiday Pie consistently generates a buzz on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. While some fans eagerly await its return and share their excitement online, others have mixed feelings.

Comments range from nostalgia and delight to criticism about taste inconsistencies or being “overrated.” Despite this, the pie remains a topic of interest and discussion among fast-food aficionados.


The McDonald’s Holiday Pie is more than just a dessert; it’s a symbol of festive cheer and a reminder of the joys of the holiday season.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a curious first-timer, the Holiday Pie is worth a try for its unique flavor and seasonal charm. As it makes its annual return, it invites us to indulge in a small, sweet celebration of the holidays.


  1. When is the McDonald’s Holiday Pie available? The Holiday Pie is typically open from early December through early January.
  2.  Where can I find the Holiday Pie? It’s available in select locations. Use the McDonald’s app or website to check availability in your area.
  3.  What does the Holiday Pie taste like? It has a buttery, flaky crust with rainbow sprinkles and a creamy vanilla custard filling.

Remember, the Holiday Pie is seasonal, so enjoy it while it lasts!