Upside Foods and Eat Just: Revolutionizing the Future of Meat with Cell-Cultivated Products

Revolutionizing the Future of Meat with Cell-Cultivated Products

In November 2022, Upside Foods, formerly known as Memphis Meats, achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first cell-cultivated meat company to receive FDA approval for its chicken product.

This breakthrough marked a turning point for the industry, paving the way for selling lab-created meat products in grocery stores and restaurants. Fast forward to June 2023, both Upside Foods and its competitor, Eat Just, have received full FDA and USDA approval, allowing them to bring their cultivated chicken products, known as Good Meat, to American consumers.

The Rise of Cell-Cultivated Meat

Cell-cultivated meat, also known as lab-created or cell-cultured meat, is a cutting-edge technology in cellular agriculture. It enables the growth of animal tissue from cells invitro, offering a sustainable solution to the global hunger crisis while eliminating the need for traditional animal husbandry and slaughter. The eco-friendly and humane nature of this innovative approach has captured the attention of scientists, environmentalists, and consumers alike.

Upside Foods’ FDA Approval Milestone

In November 2022, Upside Foods made history as the first company in the cell-cultivated meat industry to obtain FDA approval for its chicken product. This significant achievement validated the safety and quality of Upside Foods’ lab-grown meat and positioned the company as a pioneer in the field. With the FDA’s stamp of approval, Upside Foods took a substantial step toward its goal of bringing cell-cultivated meat to the mass market.

Eat Just’s ‘No Questions’ FDA Letter and USDA Approval

Eat Just, Upside Foods’ prominent competitor, received an FDA ‘no questions’ letter in March, indicating the FDA’s acceptance of the safety and composition of their cultivated chicken product, Good Meat. This positive response from the FDA further solidified the credibility and viability of cell-cultivated meat. Subsequently, Eat Just also obtained USDA approval, enabling them to introduce their Good Meat product into the American market alongside Upside Foods.

Industry Impact and Future Prospects

The recent full FDA and USDA approvals for Upside Foods and Eat Just mark a monumental moment for the cell-cultivated meat industry. These regulatory milestones have opened the doors for widespread availability and consumer acceptance of lab-created meat products.

As these innovative companies begin selling their cultivated chicken, it is expected to drive significant transformations in the food system, addressing sustainability concerns and reshaping the future of meat production.

Chef José Andrés’ Partnership with Good Meat

Renowned chef José Andrés has recognized the potential and impact of cell-cultivated meat and has recently formed a partnership with Eat Just’s Good Meat. He plans to incorporate this groundbreaking product into the menu at one of his restaurants in Washington, D.C. Andrés’s commitment to serving cell-cultivated poultry demonstrates the culinary industry’s embrace of sustainable alternatives and its dedication to providing patrons with high-quality, environmentally conscious dining options.


The FDA and USDA approvals granted to Upside Foods and Eat Just signify a pivotal moment in the history of cell-cultivated meat. With these regulatory milestones, both companies are poised to revolutionize the future of meat production by offering sustainable, lab-created alternatives to conventionally farmed animal products.

The collaboration of renowned figures like Chef José Andrés further enhances the credibility and visibility of these innovative solutions. As cell-cultivated meat becomes more accessible to consumers, it holds tremendous promise in addressing the challenges of food sustainability and fostering a more ethical and environmentally friendly food system.

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