Wawa Could Become Your Next Favorite Fast Food Pizzeria

Wawa Could Become Your Next Favorite Fast Food Pizzeria

If you live within driving distance of a Wawa on a frequent basis, you’re already aware of the company’s reputation.

Wawa has long had a cult following as one of the chain convenience stores, and one of its most valued characteristics is its menu of prepared drinks, snacks, and even entire meals that can be purchased on the go and served promptly.

Nonetheless, despite the seemingly limitless variety of prepared delicacies available at Wawa, the newest culinary option will open up a whole new cheesy door.

Wawa’s Vice President of Fresh Food & Beverages, Mary-Rose Hannum, introduced the newest menu item in a news release: Wawa Pizza.

Yes, your late-night Wawa travels will soon include a 14 or 16-inch pizza pie — sizes that should work well for parties — and this may change the game for many of us when it comes to munching on the move.

Nonetheless, Wawa Pizza survived

According to a press statement on July 25, the rollout of pizzas in over 900 Wawa outlets has already begun. Wawa’s Mary-Rose Hannum writes that the company’s creators want to “create a restaurant-like experience.”

Pizzas will be available between 4 p.m. and 3 a.m. and will cost $12.99. They may be ordered via the Wawa app or one of Wawa’s iconic touchscreens.

The pizzas will be assembled and baked in newly installed in-store pizza ovens, and they will be available in plain, pepperoni, veggie, mushroom, and sausage varieties.

Wawa Pizza may sound innovative and thrilling to many of us, but it isn’t the chain’s first foray into the pizza market. Wawa collaborated with a few fast food restaurants, including Pizza Hut, in the 1990s.

Pizza was withdrawn from Wawa’s menu soon after it was added, but the company tried again nearly two decades later. Wawa launched personal deep-dish pizzas in 2014, but poor feedback caused the restaurant to retreat.

While the word “Wawa Pizza” may appear to be infallible, the fact that Wawa has a less-than-stellar track record with the famous cuisine may cause people to stop.

Nonetheless, this new invention will most certainly bring a nice update to people’s beach days, as well as the all-important late-night snack purchase.

According to Hannum in the press release, “It’s officially pizza night at Wawa!” Given that pies begin to be served at 4, it’s technically pizza late lunch.

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